Discover how great you can feel with real food

We’re getting down on the farm this summer! Refresh your menu with our 6-week online cooking and coaching program.  Get more creative with the summer harvest on the grill, on the go, and entertaining family and friends.  Feel fresh and clean with real food. Our Summer Program starts July 11th.

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Uncomplicate Your Relationship With Food

Your food choices have a dramatic impact on how you feel. We want to help you get real and feel fantastic.

Come to the farm and eat food that’s local and fresh!

This summer, we want to help you get OUT of the kitchen and enjoy fresh food, simply.

We guide you step by step.

digin partner stout oak farms logoGet our Summer Cookbook & Guide, cooking videos to help you use what’s fresh (without a lot of fuss), daily tips to help you understand how food affects your health as well as interviews with local farmers, including our partners at Stout Oak Farm in Brentwood, NH.

Discover how great you can feel!

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Our 6-week online program:

Week 1 – Feel Glorious with Greens: New ways to season, store and celebrate leafy greens and other green foods (like lettuce, peas, peppers, cucumbers, herbs and more)

Week 2 – Healing with Hydrating Drinks: Mocktails, Cocktails & Infused Flavors

Week 3 – Earth-Friendly Entertaining: Healthier Picnics & Parties

Week 4 – From Farm to Fire: Grilling & Grass-Fed Meats

Week 5 – Something Fishy: From Sea to Silverware

Week 6 – Preserving the Harvest: Freezing & Fermenting

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