We want to help you grow a healthy company.

Help your employees discover how
great they can feel!

Did you know that many employees suffer from chronic fatigue, constant cravings, and brain fog? If you want to grow a healthy company from the inside out, Dig In offers a range of products to help you find out how your employees really feel each day so you can create programs that help them feel productive, energized and organized.  Some of our clients include: Timberland, RiverWoods Retirement Community, Long Term Care Partners, MegaFood, and the Town of Exeter.

Our programs focus on:

1. A holistic lifestyle approach. We start by empowering people to be more in tune with their bodies so they can recognize signs of “dis-ease” and understand how things like stress, poor diet, and lack of movement can affect their health.

2. Kitchen confidence. We teach skills and techniques to help people be more creative and confident in the kitchen so they are more likely to cook with whole, fresh ingredients.

3. Self-accountability. Good health starts by taking ownership and being accountable. We build in benchmarks to help people practice making small, sustainable changes that add up to a big impact.

We will help your company:

  • Leverage wellness incentives.
  • Create a culture of health.
  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Reduce prescription drug costs.
  • Build community around food.

Menu of Services

Health Assessment

Find out what is “eating” your employees and what they really need and want to stay on track or regain their health. Through focus groups and quantitative research, including an online survey, we will help you get to the heart of your employees’ health issues. Key topics include stress; attitudes and opinions toward wellness; biggest health concerns; and overall health and well-being

Wellness Seminars (Up to 100 participants)

Through teaching, surveying and coaching employees, Dig In has identified the key obstacles your employees face for creating a healthier lifestyle. These hands-on seminars will help your employees feel motivated to take ownership of their health and create a new vision for wellness that will help them thrive.  Seminars include:

-Create Your Own Health: A New Wellness Paradigm

This seminar builds and strengthens self-awareness, self-accountability, and self-ability to help participants realize their greatest asset, their health.

-Conquer Your Cravings!

There are many reasons we crave food including emotional issues like stress, physical issues like food allergies, blood sugar swings and the bliss factor which makes it hard to say “no!”

-Menu Planning & Prep: Save Time, Money & Reduce Stress

Preparing three meals a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year can feel overwhelming. Lack of time is one of the biggest obstacles for eating healthier meals. Employees receive menu planners and ideas for taking the stress out of meals.

Cooking Classes

Celebrate the Harvest: Seasonal Cooking Classes

We offer seasonal cooking classes to help your employees cook with what’s local and fresh. Employees will learn how to prepare delicious recipes for soup, sauces, stews and more along with simple cooking techniques to improve their cooking skills to gain more confidence in the kitchen. Each class includes a cooking demonstration and tasting. (All equipment provided)

  • Fall: Reinventing root vegetables & homemade soups & stocks
  • Winter: Comfort foods or satisfying sweets
  • Spring: How to enjoy spring greens in simple sautés or smoothies
  • Summer: Fresh food from farmers including salads, dressings and grill tips

And more!

Team Building Lunches

The ingredients to a productive team are creativity, communication, and collaboration. Bring your team to the kitchen table to get their creative juices flowing and create a conducive environment for change. We’ll provide a memorable experience for your corporate teams as they create and enjoy a delicious meal with farm fresh ingredients. No kitchen required. We will manage the setup and provide the equipment. Teams will each cook up something special and then do short demonstrations to share what they learned and introduce their dishes.

Help your employees feel great! For more information call Tracey Miller at 603-380-1080 or email us to set up a consultation at tracey@diginrealfood.com.