Essential Oils with Lisa Wilson & Tracey Miller


Lisa wilsonI’m excited to welcome my friend Lisa Wilson from the Raw Food Institute. She’ll be visiting October 15-17 and we’re doing a power house series of classes to teach you how and why essential oils are a natural solution to chemical pharmaceuticals, cleaning, and personal care products.

I started using essential oils years ago to help fight off colds and the flu.  It was so exciting for me to learn more ways to use them to support my own health and my home. I decided to learn everything I could about them and find a company that I could feel good about.

It’s so important to put clean food in your body, but what about what you breath in and put on your body?  We need to reduce our toxic load. It starts with our food, but we also need to minimize all the chemicals we put in our body. Did you know that the average woman puts more than 500 chemicals in her body every day? And 60 percent of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body.

Learn the health-promoting benefits of nature!

  • Build your immune system 
  • Support respiratory health
  • Improve digestion
  • Heal your skin and more!


We’re teaching 3 Essential Oils 101 classes and invite you to join us and learn how to incorporate them into your life. Learn how to make the “Flu Bomb” to fight nasty colds and flus!!

October 15th,  The Fresh Press Cafe, 90 Fleet Street, Portsmouth, NH (Register here)

October 16th, Cafe Mediterraneo, 119 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH (Register here)

October 17th, 8 Wendell Drive, Brentwood, NH (Register here)

Classes are free, but you must register!’

Here’s why I turn to doTERRA essential oils for my health:

DoTERRA supports farmers. They work hand in hand with farmers, not only to help them grow better plants, but to build better communities. For example in Somaliland, where they get Frankincense oil, they are building health clinics and strengthening the local supply chain so the farmers can get a fair price for their harvest.  They also announced they are building a $3.2 million hospital that will serve 400,000 people who currently have no medical care.

They want to “disrupt” the current health care model which we all know is broken. doTERRA just just announced they are launching holistic health care clinics across the country – starting with one in their corporate headquarters
They give through their Healing Hands Foundation. They support micro-finance loans for small farmers and business. They support Days for Girls to give girls education, safety, and dignity through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits in over 100 countries.
They care about quality. They have stringent testing standards and distill their oils at the perfect time and the perfect temperature. They have the highest testing standards in the industry.
They are commmitted to producing the most pure and potent oils and continue to do more research on the efficacy of oils, scour the earth for healing plants and help mainstream essential oils into hospitals and integrative health centers.

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