Notes to Self

Power of Intention

Yoga philosophy says that how we treat our body contributes to our “life force bank account.”

Imagine a debit card we could draw upon every day to give ourselves all the energy we need.

Unfortunately that’s not the case – but we do have the opportunity each day to make deposits towards our life force to give us the energy and vitality we desire. I measure success by my physical energy, mental clarity, creativity, focus and joy.

Ten years ago, my life force was weak. Every day at 3 pm I was exhausted.  I felt like I was carrying 50 pounds of luggage on my back. It took me months and months to get my natural energy back and figure out what was draining me.

Self reliance helps you with the journey back to your vibrant self.  But, to rely upon oneself, requires knowledge of the body and mind.  You can’t fix it something if you don’t know what is broken.

It takes work. Writing things down gives you clarity. It makes it real.

I call this Notes to Self. 

When you write it down you

  • start seeing what’s really at the root of your cravings.
  • acknowledge what you’ve been denying.
  • identify trends so you can start rewiring your habits.
  • learn what makes you tick.

This has been my journey and I’d like to help you with yours.

In my Eating with the Body in Mind workshop at YogaLife on November 8th, I want to help you explore your health in a new way.  I want to help you tap into an inner knowledge that helps build up your life force account and give you clarity on what fuels you and what depletes you and to redefine what your health means to you.

It’s the most important knowledge you’ll ever have.

Take the opportunity to get to know your self a little better. Trust yourself. Love your self. Nourish yourself.

There is no quick fix for healing. We need patience and understanding. We learn what we need and then we make nourishing ourselves a priority.




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  • Susan


    Dig In has taught me to be brave, to be willing to try new things, and most of all, how empowering it is to have control over my body.

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