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The human body is amazing and resilient. Yet each day it is exposed to stressful conditions, poor nourishment and environmental chemicals. Our bodies’ natural filtration system can handle so much, but if you overload it, your body begins to struggle.

Do you experience signs of distress like bloating, low energy, headaches, joint pain, allergy symptoms, constipation, sinus problems, or brain fog? These symptoms may be warning signs that your body is not eliminating the toxins. Just like our home, we need to give our bodies a good cleaning to remove the dust and the dirt.

If your body is accumulating toxins, it may become compromised that’s when disease creeps in.

We invite you RENEW YOU to retreat, restore and replenish your beautiful body. Click here if you’re ready to cleanse from within and take charge of your health.

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Why cleanse and restore?

We are all exposed to environmental chemicals through our physical environment, food and water, cleaning products, furniture, and cosmetics.

  • On average women are exposed to more than 500 toxic chemicals per day in their beauty and make- up routine alone.
  • Pesticides like DDT, PCBs get trapped and impair your endocrine, immune and central nervous systems.
  • Poor digestion hinders your bodies’ ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins

Minimizing your toxic load will improve your overall health.

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Dig Deep Into Digestion

The quality of your health is a reflection of how good your digestion is because this is where the magic happens!  Your stomach, small and large intestine house a large percentage of your immune system; manufacture critical vitamins; and produce serotonin which is your happy hormone.  When your gut is happy you are happy! We will help you rebuild your gut with cleansing and healing foods.

Choose one of three options to help you RENEW YOU.  Start off with our cleansing cooking class, join us virtually or join our SUPER STRENGTH cleanse with healing supplements and a health coaching session.

Join us for our Cleansing & Self Care Cooking Class on May 1st at YogaLife Institute in Exeter, NH from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  Join us to kick off your cleanse and learn:

  • Some easy vegetarian meals 
  • Simple superfood juices (without a juicer)
  • Easy ways to incorporate greens into your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • What your body needs to eliminate toxins
  • Signs and symptoms of imbalance
  • How to improve your digestion so you can better absorb nutrients.

This class is optional but is a great way to start your cleanse!

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option3 final finalNote: See more details on the Cleanse and Restore Kit below.

Bring more mindfulness into what you eat and why.

Class Location: The Cleansing & Self-Care Cooking Class will be held at YogaLife Institute, 6 Chestnut Street, Exeter, NH 03833.

We invite you to nourish yourself from the inside out. Your body needs you.

You are worth it. Let’s do this together.

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Move, flow and grow. Cleanse your body and mind! 

Get a month of unlimited yoga at YogaLife Institute for only $50.00! Click here to sign up.


We believe in your health! Can’t swing it right now, but feel like you desperately need some help cleaning house? We offer swaps and scholarships. Contact Tracey at  Tracey@diginrealfood.com.  Let’s help each other.

What’s in the Cleanse & Restore Kit?

doterraThe Cleanse & Restore Kit from dōTERRA® is filled with the essentials including Lemon essential oils, pro-biotics, GI Cleanse, GX Assist® a gastrointestinal cleansing formula, whole food vitamins, and Alpha CRS® which provides antioxidant protection to cellular DNA and other critical cell structures. If you are interested in purchasing this kit at a whole sale price to support your cleanse, please contact Tracey Miller at tracey@diginrealfood.com or call 603-380-1080.


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