A new model of health care focusing on self care.

We’re on mission to get as many people as possible to experience what real health feels like. Real health comes from real food grown in healthy soil. It comes from a supportive community, it comes from movement, it comes from you. Real health doesn’t come from inside a bottle, it doesn’t come from factories, it doesn’t come from deprivation.

Our mission is to get you to dig in and find out what real health feels like for you.

Kath Gallant and Tracey Miller created Dig In to show people that healthy, delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated.


Tracey Miller

Health Coach

As a health coach, I want to get people excited about foods that truly are good for them. I love seeing how someone’s life can change once they realize how good they can feel when the nourish their bodies with clean, whole foods.

I graduated from the Institute from Integrative Nutrition in 2006 and have studied at the Food Studies Institute and the Raw Food Institute.  I will complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training at YogaLife Institute New Hampshire in October 2015.  Hundreds of women have attended my cooking and wellness classes and seminars. Prior to my work as a health coach, I worked in global communications for ten years at the World Bank in Washington, DC helping governments in developing countries expand access to water supply and sanitation. I earned a master’s degree in International Public Policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. My 30-year career has focused on issues I am passionate about: protecting the environment, clean water for all, and protecting public health. I am married and a mother to a 10-year-old daughter.

Dig In Kath

Kath Gallant

Owner of Blue Moon Evolution

Kath Gallant is a co-founder of Dig In and the owner of the award winning Blue Moon Evolution restaurant, serving up fresh organic fare to the seacoast of New Hampshire. Kath has retired from Dig In, but we are in deep gratitude for all the seeds she planted to help grow this community. We will continue to collaborate with Kath as we grow and evolve.

Angela Castrigno

Health Coach and Marketing Coordinator

I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a B.A. in Psychology and am a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am also a freelance HoopDance Fitness instructor for Hoops for Humanity and am a proud team member of Blue Moon Evolution.

My main motivation stems from witnessing others transform their lives through the power of healthy living. It inspires me to hear others talk about their triumphs regarding their health. My hope is to be a part of the support system that encourages and empowers people take the steps and make the changes.

Nutrition is not just about what we put into our bodies. What we eat, do, see, smell, hear, and feel is all connected to our well-being. May we share our experiences with one another. The power to share information is perhaps one of the biggest responsibilities we have, and one of the greatest blessings.

Teri Hull

Teri Hull

Certified Chef and Health Coach

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication at the University of Cincinnati, Chef certification at Le Cordon Bleu in Portland, OR and holistic health coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Prior to Dig In I ran a small food business on the west coast with the intention of bringing healthy meals back to the dinner table. This venture, along with an onslaught of family diagnoses of autoimmune disease inspired my studies in nutrition. I also run a personal chef and health coaching business of my own specializing in anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, and autoimmune disease.

 Julia Child sums up my culinary philosophy quite well: “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients”. I want to help families and friends discover the power of eating real food, together, at the dinner table.

kathleenb roundKathy Bachmann 

Health Coach

I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate in 2011 and also hold degrees in Psychology, Communications, and did graduate work in Journalism.  I worked for many years in the publishing industry and now combines my passion for books and learning with group and individual health coaching sessions and healthy cooking classes.

I have three children and am a longtime resident of the Seacoast and worked on the board of Seacoast No Kid Hungry for six years, working to ensure that all children have access to nutritional food.

When not working or spending time with my kids, you can find me at the beach, climbing a mountain, reading or trying out a new recipe.

Vicki BioVicki Pfeifer, Photographer

We thank Vicki Pfeifer for all the amazing photographs she has taken for our cookbooks and website!  You can find more of her beautiful photographs at www.vickipphoto.com.